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Diversity Frontier was founded by Dr. Joseph Nwoye Ed.D in USA with a simple mission: To use our lived experience and diverse professional expertise as an enabler for action that creates harmony, equity, fair and inclusive outcomes for all - locally and globally.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and we are purposefully small. This makes sure every client gets personalised service, attention they deserve and benefit from our thorough analytical and consultative approach to solution development.

We have been steadily growing our global footprint since our founding, driven by our passion for inclusive approaches that create belonging for anyone, anywhere.

Let us help you navigate your equality, diversity and inclusion issues more easily, as your partners, who truly understand you.

Why wouldn't you want to set yourself or your business on the path to success by embracing the benefits of diversity and making inclusion work for you?

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Behind the Scenes

At Diversity Frontier, we have an exceptional team of consultants with expertise in various areas.

We solve complex people and inclusion challenges using the latest research and resources, while combining our experience, innovative and collaborative strategic partnership approach.

Meet our leaders and learn about our global team of project and solution delivery leads.

Our operating model is based on inclusive, flexible, agile and efficient delivery so that we can meet a variety of diverse local and global requirements, while delivering successfully for our clients.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Nwoye is the author of two books and numerous articles in professional journals. He speaks at professional organisational conferences, including ATE, NAME, etc. He also has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative academic research.

Dr. Nwoye addresses the impact of cognitive theory in teaching and learning, accommodating culturally different students, and cooperative & collaborative learning. He has extensively researched belief system formation, how misconceptions can be cultivated and nurtured and why it may become difficult to divorce the impact of beliefs from behaviour.

He has an impressive reputation in the area of culture and its implications for teaching, learning, working and living in a global world. His academic insight, lived and work experience along with his research allow him to lead with unmatched cultural knowledge and insight. Beliefs that are formed can be transformed with informed insight and contextual sensitivity – which Dr. Nwoye and the team at Diversity Frontier employs through their systematic approach to support clients.

Prior to creating Diversity Frontier Inc., Systemic Diversity and SDIG (Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group) on LinkedIn, Dr. Nwoye developed a culturally responsive workshop for faculty that focused on culturally responsive teaching.

He works closely with American Diversity Report and independently with clients across the education sector.

You can buy Dr. Nwoye’s book - Cultivating a Belief System for Peace, Equity and Social Justice For All on Amazon.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Sabah plays a crucial role in developing strategy, operational direction and global partnerships. Sabah and Dr. Nwoye work in partnership to share and fulfil the vision with which Diversity Frontier has been built. Her exceptional skill set, international exposure, genuine passion and creativity has helped us take our ambitions forward.

With almost two decades of in-depth strategic advisory, tactical and operational HR, project management, inclusion and account management experience gained in the UAE, India & the UK; Sabah has a multi-skilled, unique combination of international and local advisory, coaching and mentoring work experience across a variety of organisational areas, sectors and industries including aviation, telecommunications, advertising, media, engineering, design, project management consultancy and higher education.

Sabah's work experience includes leading on several high profile and strategically significant local and global projects involving change management and communication, inclusion, diversity, equality, policy development and implementation, organisational strategy and restructuring, process and system design, HR transformation as well as operational efficiency improvements within leading large, SME, start-up and MNC employers, internationally and locally.

As someone who is passionate about building equity, equitable outcomes, inclusive mind-sets and spaces which welcome all yet retain their unique identity; Sabah’s distinctive outlook on how to strategically and contextually deal with challenges around inclusion, experiences of exclusion and the resulting emotional and mental health impacts combined with practical business and operational impacts with solutions to mitigate these, are interesting areas her audience benefit from.

Sabah writes about her life and work experiences, particularly around invisible disabilities, mental health, minority and majority experiences and exclusion; candidly and openly to create experiential learning for her audience and client’s, creating pragmatic solutions that result in win-win outcomes.

You can explore her professional profile and posts on


Leads - Projects and Solution Delivery

Our team is spread across the globe and works on a partnership model where our large network of consultants works independently and on demand with us based on a project or needs basis.

Our exclusive and unique network of consultants further support the work that Dr. Joseph Nwoye and Sabah Holmes do together at Diversity Frontier and our social enterprise and sister concern - Systemic Diversity.

We work with Leads based across the US, UK, Africa and India and are constantly growing and expanding our contracted consultants to provide relevant and expert solutions.

Our professionals come with extensive expertise in fields of education, technology, engineering, psychology, sociology, human resources, media and more, giving them a richness of cultural experience across more than 5 continents and 15 countries that gives provides them unique and nuanced cultural capital to develop meaningful HR, people management and inclusion solutions for businesses in public and private sectors.

Our approach helps us operate with agility, flexibility, inclusivity, remain sustainable and keep costs reasonable for our clients while offering local and global expertise in all our solutions and services.


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