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Our globally experienced team of professionals with location and industry-specific expertise, meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms across all industry sector to deliver culturally responsive, affordable, bespoke solutions.

No one understands the frustration of generic advice and solution design better than us. We get that you can’t always invest in creating departments, teams or hiring experts to fulfil your diversity, inclusion, advisory, mentoring and various solution development needs.

This is where we make things easy for you. In addition to our own international experience with particular expertise in USA, UK, Africa, India and Dubai, we have a knowledge database that is unmatched and often not available to organisations due to geographic locations, financial constraints, organisational size or a number of other reasons.

We can provide support with your people, management and inclusion issues – whatever your requirement. Affordable and customised to fit your unique needs so that you can pick, choose and combine what you need, when you need it and cancel or pause using our services.




1 to 1, Quick, Easy, Flexible, Specific, Personal

Knowing how to identify and navigate the equality, diversity and inclusion needs of your people and business is a critical skill to ensure people feel like they belong and are valued.

As a leader or manager, do not underestimate the need to create a sense of belonging, maintain it and manage inclusively. People with a strong sense of belonging create strong employee engagement, employee retention and are more productive. Leaders and managers who embrace and accept this reality, can ask for help and guidance – are more successful in the long-run.

Simon Sinek says “Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders – in that order”. Inclusive work practices, behaviours, policies and practice (among others) are essential factors that you need to get right.

We can guide you, advise you, create bespoke training to address your inclusion or exclusion issues and help you understand any issue from various professional and personal perspectives, especially a minority, multi-cultural and global one.

Here’s how our global and professional experience can help you:

·       Pragmatic and effective Leadership, Strategic and Operational Advisory Services, especially when times get tough and you are stuck with inclusive thinking or decision-making.

·       Contextual and specific solutions to solve your problems or meet your needs with plans and pricing that are budget-friendly.

·       Bespoke Inclusion Solution Design and Training through consultation.

·       On demand, budget friendly solutions to fit your schedule.

·       Hybrid delivery – something for everyone, everywhere.

·       Your extended partners and team members.

Business Meeting



Affordable, In-depth, Contextual, Empathetic, Private

“A coach has some great questions for your answers; a mentor has great answers for your questions”- Unknown.

We support you with practical, professional and insightful guidance whether you are a student, professional or educator. Our advice come from lived experience, more than 5 decades of professional work experience and as educators, professionals and students ourselves.

Down-to-earth, confidential, practical and always in a safe space so that you can be your true self and get whatever support works best for you, whether through coaching or mentoring.

Here are some of the benefits of getting coaching and mentoring from us:

  • One on one support as you develop and grow, at a pace that suits you by professionals with experience, insight and credibility.

  • Affordable, private, empathetic and practical.

  • Flexibly available no matter where you are and from professionals who ‘get’ you.

  • Learning how to be inclusive, how to survive school, college, university, work or management – we all need help and support.

  • Whether you are new to equality, diversity, inclusion or are an ally or someone who works with these and other challenging realities day after day – we can help you learn or just feel heard and give you a space where you belong.

  • We specialise in minority views, what makes allyship work in various complex spaces and in reverse mentoring – services that you do not always find easily.

  • You understand what difference looks and feels like and learn how to make better decisions.

  • Mental health, disabilities, other challenges that you may face in every day life, work or at school or university is something we know intimately well – you will always be understood and you will get advice from a place of reality, empathy and lived experience.

Making Notes



Project-based, Budget-friendly, Flexible, Analytical, Contextual

Evaluating what you or your business are doing to stay relevant, compliant and competitive in a world where change is the only constant is what will give you or your business the competitive edge and protect you from making mistakes that can be avoided.

We evaluate and then recommend better practice or help you align with good practice.

Budget-friendly deep dive and quick analytical solutions are available for teams or the whole organisation.

  • Culture Audit and Recommendations

  • Mental Health Audit and Recommendations

  • Systems Analysis – Inclusionary vs Exclusionary, SWOT analysis and Recommendations

  • Process Audits and Redesign Services

  • Policy Audits and Recommendations

  • Execution and Approach Audit and Change Recommendations

  • Training content audit for inclusivity and Redesign Services

  • Teaching, Learning and Working Practice Audits and Recommendations

  • Attainment Gaps, Access and Participation Inclusivity Analysis and Recommendations

All our solutions can be customised for schools, universities and organisations contextually and by geography.


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